Seedlings is a simple film with a big heart: Momin Ali Reviews

When you are finally getting a chance to see an award-winning, critically acclaimed and a much talked about film, you do tend to have certain expectations from it. I got my chance to lay eyes on the Gohar Rasheed, Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza starrer Seedlings in the recently held LUMS International Film Festival (FiLUMS) 2013. And my expectations from Seedlings, to be honest, were somewhat left unmet. I am not saying that the film was bad, the film does deliver and that too in a commendable way, it’s only that it was a bit different from what I had expected it to be. I personally believe that any genre of film or even television for that matter should have a certain surprise or shock element to it. I do not mean that a family drama should be projected as Skyfall, but there should be something towards the climax of the movie that is a bit unforeseen. Seedlings just lacked that moment. I loved the movie and also came to the realization that every film needs not to have that “startling moment”, but that’s what I always look in a film and felt a little less served in this case. The closest example I can think of to back my point here is George Clooney’s Academy award-winning recently released, The Descendants. Just like Seedlings, this movie too had a family drama theme to it and started building from a tragedy in its initial stage. But unlike Seedlings, this George Clooney movie is never felt straight when watching, in fact it keeps on building towards a good climax and then finally a good end. Seedlings played on emotions and that truly was its strength. It may have two of the most commercially successful stars of the television industry, but by no means was Seedlings your average masala film. It was a simple film with a big heart. At this point in a review, I usually mention the plot of the movie briefly, however I will not do the same with Seedlings. I am aware that many people already know the basic premise of the film, but it will be largely unfair with the future viewers if I mention even a tiny teeny detail. I will only say that the film is about a “Lamha” (moment i.e. the Urdu title of the film) and how only a moment can completely change your life. Breaking the review a little more here, let me come to some particular aspects of Seedlings.


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